Podcast on Logistics with Deb Cowen and Charmaine Chua

I had the good fortune of having an amazing conversation with a couple of extraordinary scholars and friends about logistics and having the conversation recorded in a podcast.

Charmaine Chua (University of Minnesota) is an extraordinary young scholar working on logistical lifeworlds especially around Singapore.  She has a series of wonderful writings at Disorder of Things blog which can be found here.  She and I had a conversation some time ago about our respective containership trips.

Deb Cowen (University of Toronto) should need no introductions to the regular readers of The Gamming. She is the author of the amazing The Deadly Life of Logistics which I reviewed here.

As Charmaine writes in her introduction to the podcast,

Together, we take a look at the increasing ubiquity and prominence of logistics as a mode for organizing social and spatial life. We discuss how this seemingly banal concern with the movement of goods is actually foundational to contemporary global capitalism and imperialism, reshaping patterns of inequality, undermining labor power, and transforming strategies of governance. We also ask: what might a counter-logistical project look like? What role does logistics play in anti-colonial and anti-capitalist struggles across the globe?

We had a brilliant time talking to one another as we always do.  The podcast can be heard over at the Disorder of Things blog.