Pop Containerization

CMA CGM MagellanSo, not long ago, a graffiti artist, JR Artist, who flyposted a whole bunch of CMA CGM containers so that CMA CGM Magellan looked like this (at least until the next port where the containers had to be unloaded; I also wonder if they weren’t unloaded in the intermediate ports, what hell the crane operators must have gone through to make sure the ship remained upright):

Of  course CMA CGM was very happy to oblige this particular work of graffiti/flyposting.

Now, the fascination with containers and containerships shows up in this video.  I don’t know who Tinashe is (or I didn’t before reading her Wikipedia entry), but something about the regularity of the containers makes them very photogenic:

P.S. Title for the post and Tinashe video courtesy of Alberto!